Sonam Kapoor is all heart, she doesn’t mince words one bit! Add to it her camaraderie with Filmfare Editor-In-Chief Jitesh Pillaai and we’ve got once blockbuster episode of Jio Famously Filmfare. You can watch the show exclusively on the Jio network anytime and on Colors Infinity at 9PM on 21st May.
Meanwhile, here are the 10 things she said that proves why she is the Queen of all things un-censored!
“If I want to gossip, I’ll do it in my bedroom and not on someone’s couch”
“What’s the difference between wearing make-up and doing plastic surgery”
“I’ve earned every line on my face”
“Politics has no place in art. How dare anyone tell us what to say, what to wear, what to do”
“My father is just self-obsessed. I don’t know anyone who loves themselves more. I want to be my father, I want to be Anil Kapoor
“Don’t you dare give him a Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award”
"Actors are not my type. I don’t mind musicians."
“My darling, I can carry off a trash bag. What is a bedsheet?”
“The one person who smells the best is Salman Khan
“Why the hell I can't be Mr. India”

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