Anokha Laadla Watch Online Latest Music Video from Coke Studio 2016. Anokha Laadla, Basit Ali and Damia Farooq, Episode 6, Coke Studio Season 9. #CokeStudio9

  • Music Directed by: Faakir Mehmood
  • Composer: Ashiq Ali
  • Lyrics by: Raees Farough
  • Producer: Strings

Anokha Laadla captures the audience attention within just the few seconds of the song. It establishes the bars of nostalgia with a sense of familiarity – fueled by Damia Farooq’s subtle and effortless vocals. That is until in a split second the track pauses before a psychedelic riff transforms the original arrangement of the track, and the vocals of Basit Ali cut through distinctive and strong. With Lyrics Written by Raees Farough and originally composed by Ashiq Ali, the overhauled duet has a renewed edge comprising an upbeat drumbeat, fuzzy guitar twangs, a brilliant sitar solo. Watch the full song to truly feel the sensation.

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Anokha Laadla Download MP3, Basit Ali, Damia Farooq Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 6. Watch Online Music Video or listen to audio of Latest Episode of Coke Studio 2016. Get the Latest Music Video Song On Youtube for Anokha Laadla. Watch Anokha Laadla Faakir Mehmood Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 6.