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Available on » Movies » Hrithik's special birthday celebration with dad Hrithik's special birthday celebration with dad January 11, 2019 14:46 IST

After undergoing surgery for throat cancer, Rakesh Roshan celebrated his son's birthday.

Hrithik Roshan, who turned 45 on January 10, had a rather special birthday this time around.

On Tuesday, January 8, the actor announced his father Rakesh Roshan's cancer diagnosis on Instagram, the day the film-maker had surgery for the same.

Rakesh Roshan, who is now recuperating in hospital, celebrated Duggu's birthday with the Roshan clan.

Hrithik posted a picture on his Twitter account and wrote, 'And he's up and about…Power of love! Thank you all for being with him and helping him power through. Today was a great day'.

Rakesh, 69, will be discharged from hospital in a day or two. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Hrithik Roshan/Twitter

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