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Available on » Movies » Make way for the cutest fashionistas in town Make way for the cutest fashionistas in town January 10, 2019 22:43 IST

Someone please get them on the cover of a magazine, minus KJo of course!

That Karan Johar is obsessed with his twins Roohi and Yash is no news.

A glance at his Instagram account and you'll find loads of pictures and videos of the adorable tots having fun with each other and sometimes with their busy daddy dearest.

While paps don't follow Roohi and Yash as zealously as they do Tim-Tim Ali Khan, thanks to KJo we don't miss any of R-Y's doings.

Considering how big a fashionista Karan is, we aren't surprised that he is making Roohi and Yash follow his footsteps.

Don't they look absolutely adorable? Someone please get them on the cover of a magazine, minus KJo of course!

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